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The portable Color Doppler system A5 with superior image, high performance and low cost is your right choice . Ricso makes efforts to let each person can get high- quality medical services. A5 is the one that can meet your various requirement with an affordable price. User-friendly interface can make doctors work more efficiently.

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Light Weight Design

Full range of configuration

  • Built-in lithium battery.
  • Professional multi-purpose cart, visiting package.
  • HDMI and multi-USB interface, data transmission is more convenient.

Advanced performance

  • AQ Sonic, E-crystal:Select different options depending on the different characteristics of different tissues.Speckle and noise reduction can improve the imaging quality.
  • Three simultaneous displays: 2D, Color doppler and PW is simultaneously displayed in real time, in favor of real-time observation and comparison.
  • Auto trace: calculating the real-time data automatically, making diagnosis faster and more convenient.
Clinic Image

Risco13            Risco14            Risco5

Coccygeal Vertebra, B Mode                                            Fetal Ventricle, CFM Mode                                           Carotid Artery, PW Mode

ricso1            Risco3            Risco11

     Liver, CFM Mode                                                       Vertebral Artery, CFM Mode                                        Umbilical Blood Flow, PW Mode

Risco6            Risco            Risco8

Vertebral Artery,CFM Mode                                                  Thyroid,CFM Mod                                                       Basilic Vein, CFM Mode

Risco9           Risco10              No.3-Kidney,B-Mode

Median Nerve,CFM Mode                                                     Fetal Fist, B Mode                                                                  Kidney,B Mode




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