uitrasound scanner


Experience accuracy, portability and efficiency to improve diagnostic confidence and patient care.

Vetar V1

Ergonomical design,powerful workflow and ease of use.

Vetar V3

Advanced image technology make the clinical image smooth and clear.

Vetar V5

Based on PC platform and powerful post-processing capacity.

Vetar V7

Full patient database and image management solution.

Ultramate UV3

Equipped with fully software package for multi-application.

bx 550

Vetar BX-550V

Design as laptop,multiple peripheral port for image transfer.

all touch screen p6

Pilot PV6

Have a variety of configuration to satisfy any veterinary clinical need.

Kylin KV3

E-Crystal、AQ-Sonic technology make the image more smoother and clearer.

Kylin KV5

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery,extra support 5 hours working.

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